Digital Solutions

Understand the benefits and features of our digital products. Click on the images to learn more about each product.


 Deliver a targeted message 
An effective way to promote brand awareness, these banner ads appear on websites across mobile, desktop and laptop devices. Coupled with programmatic targeting they are an effective way to deliver your message to a precise audience.
Device id

Device ID

 Target customers on their specific devices 
Monitor the location information associated with prospect devices and leverage that data by targeting consumers or their devices based on where they have been and where they live.


Target prospects based on their current physical location 
Identify specific commercial locations where ideal target audiences are located and turn these audiences into targetable data segments.
Ppc sem


Be seen at the right time 
Search Engine Marketing & Pay Per Click is a way to drive leads at the bottom of the funnel conversions. Be sure to be in front of your customers when they are actively searching for your products. As a Google Premier Partner, we pride ourselves in running campaigns adhering to Google’s Best Practices.


Effective email marketing 
Our database has more than 140 million consumer and business emails allowing you to reach a customer’s inbox.
Social advertising

Social Advertising

Advertising with social platforms 
Ads on Facebook or Instagram maximize reach across both platforms, includes the option of YouTube videos.


Show up in relevant searches 
SEO is the process of getting your business to show up in search categories that are most relevant to your business. We deliver a unique SEO product by implementing strategies throughout the year that focus on all ranking factors with local and organic SEO algorithms.


Ads that feel like articles 
Native ads adopt the look and feel of a website’s content inviting the viewer to engage them. In-feed and in-article native ads allow the advertiser to immerse their brand within the publisher’s site to reach the right user at the right time.
Pre roll video

Pre-Roll Video

Promotional video messages 
Pre-Roll Video is as scalable as banner advertising with all of the innovative targeting options but in a more desirable video format. With features such as skippable vs non-skippable, completion rates, viewability and more, Video Advertising has never been easier for a local marketer.
Pre roll video

Streaming TV

Reach cord- cuttings that are not available with traditional TV commercials 
Over- the- top (OTT) is the combination of ConnectedTV and Full Episode Player (FEP) streaming or on- demand inventory. This means a commercial can be served across ALL DEVICES, including the big screen.
Digital audio

Streaming Audio

Audio ads played on Spotify or during podcasts 
Anything with video can be enhanced with audio. Anything text based can have an audio version. Pure audio can be consumed passively which means consumers’ capacity for listening is only limited by their waking hours. We can stream your ad via listening devices, like Alexa, or also via mobile apps and websites.

Website Development

Build A Customized Website 
From small start up sites to multi-page e-commerce capabilities we can customize your presence online. Make sure you are not only found online, but that when you are found your message, products or services are presented how you want.