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Under the umbrella of a small cable system in Western Maryland, Antietam Media Services production department was created to serve the video needs of local advertisers and to produce local content for their subscribers. 40 years later, AMS Productions is still thriving as the local leader in television production.

More than ever, video assets are in high demand as advertisers spread their advertising dollars over multiple platforms to broadcast their message and AMS has embraced the change. From script creation to distribution, it's truly a turnkey operation.

In addition to commercials, we also produce long-form videos to promote your corporation, training videos, events coverage, documentaries, and more! We can shoot on location or in our studio in Hagerstown, MD. We can also provide multi-camera coverage of live events in the filed or in studio with the distribution of Live Stream.

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Located in Hagerstown, Maryland, we're just 90 minutes from Baltimore and DC and offer up a small crew of experienced individuals who have been together as a team for 25 years. We know the pitfalls of video production and, most importantly, are able to work with tight budgets and offer up a quality product without the DC or Baltimore price tag.

Let one of our experienced media consultants evaluate your business needs. We will create a customized marketing plan to deliver your message, targeting the appropriate customers to drive your success!
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