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Video Production Services

Under the umbrella of a small cable system in Western Maryland, Antietam Media Services production department was created to serve the video needs of local advertisers and to produce local content for their subscribers. 40 years later, AMS Productions is still thriving as the local leader in television production.

More than ever, video assets are in high demand as advertisers spread their advertising dollars over multiple platforms to broadcast their message and AMS has embraced the change. From script creation to distribution, it's truly a turnkey operation.

In addition to commercials, we also produce long-form videos to promote your corporation, training videos, events coverage, documentaries, and more! We can shoot on location or in our studio in Hagerstown, MD. We can also provide multi-camera coverage of live events in the filed or in studio with the distribution of Live Stream.

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  • 17’ x 35’ Studio space featuring Arri lights mounted on a grid system linked to external dimmer board for independent control of every light on the grid.

  • Large 10’x35’ Green Screen 

  • Control room features Black Magic ATEM 4K Switcher and matching HyperDecks for file creation. 

  • Countryman wired mics for talent. 

  • Full Duplex Wireless Intercom system for crew

  • Variety of Sony Cameras for Live Multi-Cam productions

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  • 22’ production trailer featuring a Tricaster 2Elite, Newtech 3Play and DakTronics graphic package for sporting events.

  • Behringer x32 rack mounted Digital Mixer with external controller and iPad connection.

  • 3 Sony HD cameras with CCUs configured with MultiCore allowing for cable runs up to 100m. 2 of these broadcast cameras feature large EVF and zoom and focus controls.

  • Teradek Bolt Wireless package for a trouble-free wireless video solution Variety of Miller and Sachtler Tripods

  • Pliant Wireless Intercom system for crew

  • Teradek Encoder and Decoder system for streaming of LIVE events

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  • Sony Fs7

  • Sony Fs5

  • Sony Fx6

  • Sony a7s

  • Sony a7sII

  • Variety of Sony and Fujinon lenses to compliment cameras 2

  • Lectrosonic wireless mics

  • Aputure 300d II light with lantern and Light Dome attachments

  • Variety of iKan LED lights

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